What To Do About Child Support When Circumstances Change

Even child support and spousal support orders are not set in stone. When circumstances change, you can seek modification with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. In addition, those who do not follow the existing order can face serious consequences.

Tarrant Family Law provides attentive, accessible legal guidance for post-decree modifications and enforcement of court orders. You'll be able to speak to your lawyer any time, he'll never leave you in the dark.

Changing Child Support And Spousal Support Orders

Maybe you have been offered a new job out of state, or simply find your existing child or spousal support order unfair. Although these agreements are official court orders, they can be changed by a judge under the right circumstances.

Child support and spousal support orders can be modified either temporarily or permanently. A temporary modification might be granted if one parent is out of work for a short time or has a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, permanent modification orders are generally only granted if one party's financial position changes in a way that will affect their long-term income. This might happen when they remarry, change jobs or become unable to work. Modification of a child support/custody order may also be appropriate if one parent wishes to move out of state.

What Can I Do If My Ex Does Not Pay The Required Child Support?

Unfortunately, a court order to pay child support is sometimes not enough. If your child's other parent is not paying the support you are entitled to, you do have options. Tarrant Family Law can work with you to file a motion for an order requiring them to appear in court and show cause as to why they should not be held in civil or criminal contempt. If the parent is held in contempt, the court can impose serious consequences, such as:

  • Fine
  • Imprisonment
  • Withholding tax refunds
  • Suspending their business or professional license
  • Revoking their driver's license
  • Wage garnishment

Child support orders created in North Carolina can even be enforced across state lines, thanks to the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984. If you are not getting the child support payments granted in your divorce decree, speak to a skilled family law attorney right away.

Work With A Certified Family Law Specialist

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